Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pouring at Rough Creek

On Monday we left the beach early to head home! We had something VERY exciting taking place. We poured the slab for our cabin at Rough Creek!! It was a long drive from the beach to Palestine, but we made it with only one quick stop in Lufkin to drop Kolby off at home. When we arrived they were still pouring, thankfully!! Barrett would have been super disappointed if we had missed it all!!

Barrett and PawPaw put the boys initials on the porch.

Jack missed all the excitement, he was asleep in the truck.

This boy was in heaven!! He was trying to help, and asking all kinds of questions!!

I looked over and I saw this little doe just watching all this commotion going on. Ryan said, "Babe pretty soon we will be sitting on our porch watching deer in the peace and quiet." Well I don't know how much quiet there will be, but I sure cannot wait for that day!

We are so excited about our soon to be cabin! I know it will provide many fun days and tons of memories!! Now the real work begins!!

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