Thursday, December 23, 2010

Polar Express 2010

Each year I take the kiddos to the Polar Express train ride in Palestine, TX. Usually my Mom, Shi Shi and Mary Michael join us. Unfortunately they all got sick this year!! Since we already had the extra tickets Leeanne graciously accompanied me and Barrett got to invite a friend! Barrett's best girlfriend, Sophia came with us! I have posted about Sophia before, these two have been best buddies since they were 2!! We actually went on December 10th...I'm just now posting this. Can we say BEHIND!!

Sweet Jack! He was tired, but a trooper!!

They kiddos had a blast! Leeanne and I were worn out, I couldn't have made it with out her!! I am not a Mom of more than 2 kids, HAHA!! I don't know how you ladies with more do it!! It was a peaceful drive home, the kiddos all fell out!! It was another great ride to the North Pole!!

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  1. How early do you buy ya'lls tickets? I bought in October and first class was sold out. Looks like ya'll had another great time. I'm going to try to buy them way earlier for next year. Hope ya'll had a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year!