Saturday, March 13, 2010

Soccer Saturday

Well the Spring soccer season has begun, and Barrett is finally enjoying playing!! Whew! What a relief. He is loving practices and was so ready for his game today!

Saturday was our first game and it was a beautiful day!! Here is Jack ready to get out of the stroller and hit the field, he runs out there with the big boys every time.

Barrett got to be team captain for the day, and he went out with the coach for the toss, or something?

Carefully listening to the coach!

On his way to score one of the two goals he made!!

The boys played great, and I was so proud of my B-man! The Falcons Won!!!!!

After the game one of B's teammates said "hey Barrett come get a snack with me!" and off they went with his friends little brother in tow. How cute is this!!

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