Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Hello Sunshine!

WOW! It was sunny today, and we enjoyed every ray of it!! Barrett was so glad to see the sun, he said "HEY, I can play outside today!"

We started out the day with Barrett's favorite breakfast, cinnamon stars. I really think it's his favorite because he gets to help make them!

This is Barrett's grass from school he is soooo proud of it! He wanted me to put a picture on the computer, which means the blog. He is really concerned about cutting it. "Mom it can't get to tall, we don't let our yard get tall." Well sweetie, it's a little different.

Being that it was such a beautiful day and I didn't know how long it would last. We decided to plant some flowers and cut back some dead things to get ready for Spring!!

We headed to Lowe's for some goodies. While we were checking out in the garden center, the sweet cashier let Barrett scan everything! She handed him the gun and said can you use this? Barrett said "Yes! I love guns!" Great, good one buddy. Now I am dreading another trip to the store and he asks the cashier if he can do it, that's gonna be fun.

Here is B with all HIS plants, ready to get working! Luck for us it was naptime for Jack. While he slept we worked, and I mean we really worked. First we planted our herbs and flowers. Next, we worked on all the outside trucks and toys cleaning them out. We had tractors and trailers coming out of our ears! When that was finished he said, "Mom don't go in yet, we can find something else to do." So I decided we could clean all the windows, Barrett loves to wash and squeegee the windows off. Whew.....I wasn't planning on doing all that! Needless to say, I had a fabulous time with my worker B!!

Here is a few pics of our gardening.....if you could really call it that!!

I wanted pics because with B outside all the time, they will most likely not look like that for long!

When Jack woke up we took him out to swing! He loves it, he almost goes into a trance, so funny!!

Hope everyone enjoyed this wonderful day as much as we did!!

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