Friday, March 26, 2010

Gourmet Cupcakes in Tyler???

On Thursday Christie, Mims, Jack and I headed to Tyler. We had a few errands to run, then we ate lunch at Jason's Deli. Christie said, lets try the new cupcake place.

I totally forgot that the new cupcake store "Ganache" was open!!!! We were soooo excited! Let me start off by saying they had alot to live up to, I am a "Sprinkles" girl all the way.

The store is very nice, looks similar to Sprinkles. We both decided to get a few flavors to try. I got Strawberry Fields, Red Velvet, Vanilla (for the boys), and Maple Bacon. Yes, you heard me MAPLE BACON, I mean a cupcake with bacon. Well yes, I think I will!!

I tasted a bite of all of them. They were all good, but I think the plain vanilla was actually my fav.

Barrett was at school so after I picked him up he was so excited for his treat!!!

I LOVE that we now have a place to go get cupcakes!! How fun!!

Thursday evening Ryan took me out to dinner and a movie. We saw "The Bounty Hunter", all I can say is wait for it on Netflix. Nothing to great!


  1. OK...where is the cupcake store? They look wonderful!

  2. yummmmm, cupcakes! i will take all (yes, please) except for the maple bacon.