Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hump Day

We had a fairly low key Wednesday. I had to go to Hobby Lobby for a few project supplies I am working on, so Christie and Mary Michael joined us. I am using a blog friends so cute idea for jewelry organization, I will show pics when I finish it! After Hobby Lobby we decided we were going to try Smashburger and new restaurant in Tyler. Well, we thought wrong! I was so crowded we couldn't find parking and I knew there would be no chance for a table. So since we had the little ones we didn't want to make them wait, we headed to a favorite that was close by. After lunch we headed to Steinmart for a little shopping and then it was nap time for the babies.

During the afternoon it was rainy off and on so we had to play inside, which always leads to screaming and dancing in the den. Sounds fun huh?

Ryan called me and said he was taking me out for dinner! Woo Hoo! Jack ended up with the phone. It's so funny every time he finds a phone, any phone he picks it up and says "da da?" I told Ryan, that is a sign you should work a little less! That's how he thinks of Daddy, HA HA!! Just kidding babe, I love that you are such a dedicated husband and father!

Ryan took me to a wonderful dinner at Shoguns!

Ryan's dad hadn't arrived to keep the kiddos yet. So I stuck Barrett on the highchair, got him lined up and said push this button to take our picture. He did a pretty good job!

Off to Lufkin this morning to get my hair did, FINALLY!!! Have a great Thursday everyone!!!

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