Friday, April 2, 2010

The old is new again!

On Wednesday the boys and I played out in the yard with some "old toys". Barrett's ride on RZR had been sitting out in the weather and hadn't been charged in ages. We had also brought out Barrett's old ride on four wheeler for Jack to ride on. We charged them both up, and somehow they both miraculously worked! We spent all Wednesday afternoon having a ball, with as Barrett called them the old toys. I love how kids can have something for a day and the next day it's old??

Thank goodness Barrett's ride on had a seat belt! Jack wanted to ride so bad, but B's toy goes surprisingly fast. Barrett reminded me of the seat belt, so I agreed to let Jack take a spin with him. Whoa! Jack's eyes were as big as saucers when they took off. They boys had a blast outside!!

Later that evening Paw Paw came over to keep Jack while Ryan and I took Barrett to see a movie!

We saw it in 3-D. Barrett was not to crazy about the glasses, they were HUGE on him. He had a hard time keeping them on, these were like RayBan Wayfarers not the old paper kind. Who knew? We had a great time and he LOVED the movie!!

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