Friday, April 16, 2010

Day in Dallas

On Wednesday the boys and I accompanied Christie and Mims to Dallas. Mary Michael had an appointment for her "hat", and we decided to make a day of it. On our drive Barrett asked us is we could stop and eat at the "Dairy Queen Palace", i.e. the "Dairy Palace" in Canton. Umm, No Buddy, I think we will wait until Dallas. While entering Dallas Barrett exclaims, "Mom were in a spaghetti O Bowl!! We started off at the Doctors office, every time we go to this office my children are wild. It must be the drive to Dallas, because as soon as we get into the office they just start running around all over the place. Mims and Jack were chasing Barrett around, they just get silly!!

They are all fighting over the same toy, I mean really? If this were at home no one would even touch that toy.

Mary Michael got a good progress report, she only has to wear her "hat" for four more weeks!

After the doctor we headed for Northpark, our favorite shopping place. Northpark always has some sort of Kids Program going on. Wednesday did not disappoint there was a group singing and dancing, we got there for the very end. The kiddos also love the turtles and duck pond at the mall.

These two could have stayed there all day, they were having a ball with all the kids and animals to look at. Mims was so funny, she has gotten very boisterous lately. I could hear her squeals above everyone!! So cute.

We then headed to lunch at the "Cheesecake Factory". We sat outside on the patio, it was such a pretty day!

After lunch at the "Cheesecake Factory" what could you possibly need? Well "Pinkberry" of course. We skipped on the cheesecake, so we could try Pinkberry frozen yogurt. Christie and I had been dying to try it, everyone just raves about it. Well, no hate mail please. It's nothing to go crazy over, it's just frozen yogurt. Oh well! We had a great day and the kids were worn out, what more can you really ask for!

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