Thursday, April 8, 2010

New Starts

Today Christie and I decided we were going to join a new fitness club. I had been a member of another club in town, but they don't have childcare. Christie wasn't a member anywhere so we thought if we joined this new club and put the kiddos in the nursery together they would like it. So, while we signed up Mim's and Jack went to the nursery at the gym. After we were finished I see one of the ladies holding Jack, and he wasn't to happy. She told me that a little boy had just left with his Mom and that is when Jack got upset. He wasn't crying, just not happy!! Mim's on the other hand was fine, of course; it's my children who are the clingers. LOL!

After signing up at the gym what's better than a little Mexican food. HA HA! We thought why not! We headed over to Posados for a some lunch.

These two loved themselves some ice cream today! They got messy but they had fun!!

Speaking of new starts, I am so excited for something that starts today!!! The Masters!!

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  1. OK...I LOVE the Pasados lunch after signing up at the gym! One of my best friends and I use to go to aerobics and then straight to DQ for a blizzard! She is visiting right now and when I read your post to her we both just laughed!