Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Sunday and Pappy's 80th

Sunday morning started off with the Easter Bunny basket goodies. Although, Barrett informed me that SuSu made a better basket than the Easter Bunny, thanks Mom! He said she knows what he likes better than the bunny, gee I need to take note of that for next year. Consult SuSu before Easter shopping!

Barrett decided to take Jack for a spin in Mary Michael's new birthday present!

This was our first Easter with out Ryan's Nanny. I knew it was going to be hard for everyone. Nanny loved having Easter at her house. She always kept a beautiful yard and loved to have all the kiddos hunt eggs at her house. I was asked to make the Banana pudding for Easter, which was such an honor. About a week before her passing we had stopped by Nanny and Pappy's for a visit. I had asked her about her Banana Pudding and she hand wrote me the recipe. At the time I didn't know just how special that recipe card would be to me, she passed away a few weeks later. I will always be grateful for that last surprise visit we made to her house, and I will cherish that recipe forever! I thought of her while making that pudding and it turned out great!

We went over to Pappy's house like usual, had a great Easter meal and remembrance of Nanny.

Jack found this chair at Nanny and Pappy's that he just loved it!

My little bunnies!

Cousins!! Blaise, Braden, Bransen, Barrett, Breece, and Jack. Think he's going to feel left out someday, that he doesn't have a "B" name?

Jack hunting eggs, he was not really to interested in this.

He would rather be doing this......................

Barrett however, loves hunting eggs or anything for that matter! The big boys make it a competition of course, and I think Barrett won with 35 eggs!

The whole family, minus Paw Paw he was taking the photo!

The Hopson Family

Barrett enjoyed riding the bunny.

Jack, not so much!

On Easter Sunday, we also celebrated Pappy's 80th Birthday! Happy Birthday Pap, We love you!!

We had a very Happy Easter!! Hope all of you did too!!

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