Friday, April 16, 2010

Field Trip Thursday

Thursday Barrett's class had two field trips, one to the Donut Palace and then to the Library. I met up with the class at the Donut Palace. The school is close so the classes walked, taking a tour of our town on the way. I see the kiddos walking up and who is holding hands walking together? Well, Barrett and Sophia of course!

The owners of the Donut Palace were so nice. They had a table set up for the kids to make their own donuts. Can you say mess!!

They took the kids on a tour and let them see how to make donuts and all the other goodies. I can't believe that our little Donut Palace makes about 5000 donuts a day, and they only throw out about 100 or so. Lindale, this is a wake up call! HA!!

Here is B "making" his own donut!

Inseparable these two!

Mom, what is this?

Whatever it is, it's good!

After the "Donut Palace" the kids walked to the Library. Future note: donuts should come after the Library. Getting the kids all hyped up on sugar and then asking them to sit and be quite in the Library doesn't go over to well!

It was a great tour of our city! After school on our trip to Sonic, B says to me. "Mom, I wish God had made it where I could marry two girls." Me: Well honey, you can only have one, why would you want that? B: Because, Sophia and Taegan are both my favorite. Right now I'm thinking did he watch a little "Big Love" with me??? HA! I explained that he isn't getting married for a long time, so let's not worry about that. I guess when your five the pressure is sneaking up on you about marriage and all??? CRAZY!!

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