Monday, April 19, 2010

Sports filled Weekend!

Friday morning Barrett requested outer space pancakes. In Dallas last week I got the boys some pancake molds they are so cute! So I attempted to make them, I couldn't get the pancakes to unstick from the molds. The boys were getting anxious so I scrapped the molds and just did letters!! Hey, they tasted good and that is all that matters.

We did a little yard work outside. I can't keep Jack inside these days, he cries at the door begging to go out ALL the time!!!

Friday night Barrett had his first T-ball game! Daddy brought a jeep home for us to ride to the ballpark in. The top was off and the boys just loved it!!

How cute is this little man in his uniform!! Ahh, I love it! It was just a scrimmage luckily, our boys needed the practice!! We did pretty good. Barrett got some good hits and I was so proud of him!!

Jack had a blast walking around the ballpark, I was chasing him everywhere. Big B and Paw Paw came to watch B play. My Dad was joking with me saying, the ballpark was the last place he thought I would be. My thoughts exactly. HA HA!!

Saturday morning Barrett had a soccer game, Su Su came over to ride with us. Christie and Paw Paw were going to meet us at the game. While we were walking up I see our team at our usual field, but I hear someone calling me. I turn around and it's one of the other Mom's and she says, "Y'all missed the game, it was at 9:00 today." Me: What??? I can't believe this we have NEVER had a game at any other time than 10:00!!!! My crazy self didn't check the schedule, because who knew that every game EXCEPT this one would be at 10:00!! Oh well. We were able to catch everyone else before they came to the soccer field. So we headed home to wait for our next sporting event which was our T-Ball tournament.

It was so cute at the game they got all the teams on the field for an opening ceremonies thing. The boys counted down and the Mayor threw out the first pitch! It was so cute! Poor Jack wasn't feeling good on Saturday, he had a rash all over and just wasn't acting himself. I thought it was a heat rash, but at the game the poor baby started running a fever. Luckily SuSu was there to take care of him. Christie and Mims were also there to cheer on the Dragons!!

Barrett got to play catcher, but he wasn't to sure about the whole get up that he had to wear!!

We had a great time B made some good hits, every time he got to third our team would be on the second out and he was never able to get to home. I so wanted him to get a run, but we have plenty more time for that!! We lost the game so we were out of the tournament, the boys didn't seem to notice. They all got medals and they were SO happy!!

I can tell I am in for something else! Some of these baseball parents really get into the games! LOL!!

Sunday we had a lazy day at home. It was rainy and poor Jack was feeling terrible. Sunday night while watching the ACM Awards Barrett put on his boots, cowboy hat and even brought out his guitar. He then decided to put Jack in his get up!! BONUS, Miranda Lambert won two awards!! Hope everyone enjoyed their weekend!!

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