Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Back to the Beach

This past weekend we headed down to the beach! Thankfully beach season is back again! Barrett has been begging to go, so after t-ball on Friday night we drove to the coast. I was hesitant about the late night drive, but it worked out fabulous the boys slept the whole way :0!!! We arrived about 1:30 a.m. and about 2 o'clock a wind storm blew in. I was a little scared, we had 65 mph winds! It was crazy, I can't even imagine what an actual hurricane is like. We lost power for a few hours, but eventually it came back on. Saturday morning was beautiful!

The boys had a blast! I didn't take that many pictures, I was to busy making sure Jack wasn't picking up jellyfish or eating sand!! Wow, it was crazy, last year at the beach he wasn't walking. Now he's running down the beach, let's just say this year there will not be much lounging for me!

Mom, I'm going to eat this, look at me!

OH, this is really gross!

Ryan was commenting on how Barrett's swimsuit looked a little small. I said well I haven't cleaned out his beach swimsuits in a while. I called him over to check out the size......Yes my 5 year old is wearing a 2T. Ok B, I think it's time we put that swimsuit away!!!

SuSu and Big B got the kiddos a new water side, the last one is now being enjoyed by whoever STOLE it!! Anyhoo, Barrett insisted trying out the new one, even though it was a little cool for it.

He was living it first. After a while I caught him sitting at the top of the slide shaking! UMMM, I think it's time to get off now buddy!

We had a fabulous time, as usual! I can't wait to go back. It was so hard to leave on Monday, but t-ball games were waiting!

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  1. Oh, my! What is it like to say, "it is beach season"...I love the ocean!!!! The pictures are great! Kids and sand...WHY do they eat it? haha