Thursday, April 8, 2010

Ax Man and Snakes

On Tuesday and Wednesday we had some VERY dangerous days outside. Jack and I were busy doing laundry inside and B was outside as usual. I happened to glance out to check on him and I see him with this.........................

And even WORSE this.........................

When I asked him what on earth he was doing with his Daddy's AX and Sledgehammer? He looked at me and said "What Mother, it's fine." UMMMMMMMM NO, it's not! I don't know which made me more mad the weapons, or the fact that he called me MOTHER. I remember doing this to my Mom when I was mad at her, and I am SOOOOO getting paid back for it! Sorry Mom!

On Wednesday afternoon we were all outside playing in the yard. Barrett wanted me to play soccer with him. Jack was busy with a tractor, so B and I started playing. The ball got kicked to Barrett and he ran to the fence to get it, I hear him SCREAM "Rattlesnake" and Run! I look over about a foot from him was a Copperhead snake!!! AHHHH!!!!

I was just so glad that it wasn't over by Jack. Barrett has seen snakes and knows to run away and tell Mom, Jack would have tried to pick it up. Oh, my heart was in my throat. Luckily, Barrett had a shovel near by. I grabbed the shovel and cut his head. I'm sorry if y'all don't agree with killing snakes, but I have babies in the yard and they have to GO!! So don't scroll down if you don't want to see a picture of it. Barrett insisted I put the snake on the blog, he was so proud of himself. He has declared that he is a snake hunter, GREAT.

I know that where we live there are snakes all over. It's just so scary with Jack and Barrett, to see such a big copperhead right where we were playing!!

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