Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kissing Bandit and Crib Jumper

Okay, sorry no pics to go with this post but I had to put this on here. I was getting ready to go wake Jack up from his afternoon nap, to pick Barrett up from school. I was thinking "oh I sure hate to wake him up!" As I went to open his door, it felt like there was something up against it. I pushed the door open and what do I find? The lights are on and every toy in his room is strewn everywhere, and my baby is standing there laughing! Yes, he has learned how to get out; or rather fall, jump, I'm not really sure out of the crib!! Oh my heavens! Barrett never even attempted this type of thing. I should have known Jack would shortly figure it out. Just yesterday while I was cleaning the boys bathroom; I see Jack get on the step stool, hoist his leg onto the counter and use the faucet as a handle to pull himself up on the the counter. REALLY?? I mean he is a complete monkey!!

So I get my escapee in the car and head to preschool to pick B up. When I walk in to get him, Mrs. Jennifer whispers to me. "He got Sophia on the lips today." Me: What? Huh? You mean a kiss?" She said "yes, and I told him we don't do that." I was so embarrassed. I mean I know he has seen Ryan and I kiss, I kiss him, Jack, and Mary Michael. I have never encountered him wanting to kiss anyone other than us. I quickly apologized. As soon as we got to the car I said "Barrett why on earth would you do that, we don't kiss people other than our family." He paused and said "well I kissed her, I'm gonna marry her anyway." Oh really. I continued the questioning about why he would do this. He finally told me that one of his friends told him to. So then I have to go into, "well if your friends told you to....yada yada." Yes, I am the mother to the kissing bandit. Sorry Sophia! LOL! Barrett had a shirt when he was little that said "Lock up you daughters" never did it have a truer meaning!!!

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