Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Baseball Roadtrip!!

On Friday morning the boys and I picked up Big B and headed out on a ROADTRIP!! We headed to Southaven, MS to watch Ryan's brother, Kolby, play in the World Series. Ryan was working and he didn't want the boys and I driving all that way by ourselves so my Dad graciously agreed to go with us! Big Mistake, HA!! Just kidding! We arrived in Mississippi just in time for the opening ceremonies. We met up with Nana to watch all the teams be introduced and watch a fireworks show. Barrett and Jack had a ball catching beads and candy! Barrett looked like he had been to Mardi Gras after it was over!!

The boys played really hard, Kolby played just awesome!! It didn't start off to well for them they lost the first two game in pool play, but those were just for seating purposes. I really learned a lot about baseball this weekend!
We had some fun dinners out, Barrett and Jack were all about throwing peanuts on the floor at Texas Roadhouse.
My Dad and I were cracking up at all the "dirty looks" we were getting everywhere! I think people thought he was my husband and the "Dad". It was really funny!!! So he kept referring to himself as the "DOM", dirty old man. HA!!

In between games we played at the park. This whole baseball complex was AMAZING! It was HUGE, it's called Snowden Grove Park. It was the nicest ballpark I have ever been to!

The boys with Uncle Kolby!!

Jack and PawPaw getting ready for the game!!

Jack in the helmet, as usual. He is just CRAZY about his "hat"!! The boys WON the first game of the series!! Kolby made this amazing catch, it was like professional style, I wish I pictures!!

We headed home on Monday, after a long, HOT weekend of baseball!! My Dad was so kind to put up with my crazy boys in a hotel and on the LONG car rides!! Thanks Big B!! We had a GREAT time!! As of today the boys have won all their games. They are one game away from the Championship, Go LUFKIN!!!!

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