Wednesday, September 22, 2010

It's HOT!!!

Well we are on day TWO of no A/C!!! It went out yesterday. I had run home from volunteering at the school to grab some supplies. While I was here I heard something outside that sounded like it exploded, I walked out to find smoke coming from the A/C unit. I called Ryan and told him and surprise he said, "are you sure an animal didn't get in it." I said I don't think so!!! He called our repairman, but he was in Shreveport. He said he would stop by on his way home and look at it. So we headed to Chili's for dinner and some cold air!! When we returned it was about 83 degrees in the house. Ahhhh!!! The repairman said the compressor was blown and there was nothing he could do last night. So we slept with tons of fans on us and burned up!!

Today B was at school and Jack and I spent the day with Christie and Mims!!!

Jack was OBsessed with Mim's sunglasses today! He wore them everywhere!!

Bad news is we have to REPLACE the unit, the other bad news is it won't be in until Friday morning!!!

My birthday is tomorrow, so Ryan said I hope you wanted an air conditioning for your bday! HA!!!

Here's to modern day convenience, I NEVER would have made in the old days!

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