Saturday, October 2, 2010


Yes...we are alive! I have been super busy and I kind of got out of my blogging routine. The good news is we have AIR!! We actually got the new air conditioner on my birthday, fitting huh?!?!

So I'm going to do a wrap up post for the last week or more! HA!!

We did have fun with out air. If you find camping in your driveway fun, which my boys do!!

Yes, that would be Jack in his crib ON a couch! Hey, I am just thankful we had a camper at the dealership that we could borrow!!

Lola wasn't complaining!!

Thankfully on Thursday the new air came! My parents came down for my bday. While the kiddos were at school Mom, Christie and I had a day of shopping and lunch at my favorite, The Potpourri House! Mom got Jack and Mims the cutest shopping carts, they love them!!

Barrett's treat was getting to help put them together!!

For dinner we all went to Shogun!! I thought all the cooking would keep the kids entertained!

Barrett has now been obsessed with getting out my huge spatula and pretending he is a chef!! I told hum to stay AWAY from the knives!!

Leeanne came with us too! She got me the cutest Radko ornament, I love it!

It was a great day!!

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  1. ummm, so i have your top (in a dress), your earrings, and necklace. great minds! (oh, and i have leeanne's dress, too!)

    glad you had a good birthday, kb!