Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloween Party in Lukfin

On Friday after school we headed down to L-town for a Halloween Party!

What do you need right before a Halloween party?.....Why CANDY of course! The boys were screaming and being silly on the drive down and I thought HMMM, a ring pop will keep them quiet. HA!

The ring pops were a terrible idea, my car had sticky hand prints EVERYWHERE!!

The party was at the Winston's Clubhouse, some family friends of ours. It was beautiful out there!! The views were spectacular! They had bounce houses, hayrides, face painting and all kinds of fun foods!

The boys were dressed in the "Deadliest Catch" costumes. My fisherman and his catch!!

Jack felt the need to pummel Mim's with the cotton candy, which they were both bothered by. Neither one of them would try it?? Who knows, it's like they were scared of it. Jack really needs to change that, I personally LOVE cotton candy!!

Barrett quickly found the face painting booth. Jack and Mim's also got in on the action!

Jack and Mims were ALL about the bounce houses! Did they care that children 3 times their size were going crazy in there....NO!!! Those two are just fearless!!

It was a great party that also benefited a great organization. The hosts asked everyone to bring donations for the Humane Society, and they got alot of stuff!! It was a very fun evening!!

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