Friday, October 8, 2010

Weekend wrap up

Last weekend was very low key, it was just Jack and I! Ryan was hunting. Oh yes, it's that time of year again! Barrett headed to Lufkin with PawPaw. At first Barrett didn't want to go, but by the end of the day he was ready!! He picked a good weekend to go. Dez Bryant a fellow Lufkin Panther; now a Dallas Cowboy was going to be at the football game! Dez was there to have his jersey retired and sign autographs. Barrett had a great time at the game with PawPaw and Kolby! Kolby said he made the jumbotron and then got to go down on the field and play with some of the team. He also got a shirt from the cheerleaders! Go Pack!! Lufkin won the game!!

Jack and I relaxed at home and enjoyed college football Saturday.

We were sporting our Texas gear, although it didn't help! Our Ole Miss Rebels played well!! Go REBS!! Jack was cracking me up holding up his arms saying TOUCHDOWN!!

Barrett and the crew worked at rough creek on Saturday. When they came here that night to have dinner, Barrett said he was going to go to Mineola to spend the night with PawPaw again! I couldn't believe it!

On Sunday Barrett came home and we decided to build our spooky house that Leeanne had gotten the boys. She is so sweet she always gets the boys something for Halloween!!

I think it turned out pretty cute!!

Dori, Ryan's sister is getting married later this month. She had sent me a picture of some apples that she wanted to make for the reception. I thought I should give them a try.........

Not to shabby! It was my first try! No deer for Daddy this weekend, but he had a good time with his friends. I secretly know why Ryan NEVER kills a deer on opening weekend; if he did the season would be over! HA!!

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