Thursday, October 28, 2010

Trunk or Treat Thursday!

I know.....Where have I been right?!? Well super busy and overwhelmed. I had gotten so far behind, I felt like I couldn't get it together. HA!!

So for now I am going to start with this weeks festivities and maybe someday I can finish the rest of October???

Thursday was Trunk or Treat at Jack's MDO! For trunk or treat I decided to let Jack wear the costume that Barrett wore when he was two. How cute is my little lion!!

Here are Mary Michael and Jack before we dropped them off at school!

Christie and I headed to the parking lot to set up for all the kiddos. I love trunk or treat. The sweet little ones all dressed up just holding out their sacks like...just give me the candy, to funny!!

Jack was just fine trunk or treating and getting candy from all the Moms, UNTIL he saw me! Of course after that he was DONE and decided eating a dum-dum with me and passing out candy was more fun! HA!!

Jack finally made it back with his class for a class picture. Poor little Mim's the only girl!!

After "trunk or treat" Christie and I headed to Canton for a little retail therapy!! The weather was gorgeous!! It was a great Thursday!!

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