Friday, September 10, 2010

Weekend Wrap Up!!

Hello All!! I have been just to busy to blog this week! HA! To be honest, to tired is more like it! I am back and hopefully it won't be just for today!!

I'm just going to do a weekend wrap up because I can't remember all the things that have gone on since last week!! CRAZY!!

On Friday we dropped B off at school and headed to Canton with the babes in tow. We had a good day these two babies are fine as long as they are snacking while we shop!!

I got some cute shirts and some shoes for Jack. They had all of the Christmas and Halloween Decor out and I am so ready to decorate for those holidays, not to mention the cool weather!! We didn't stay to long because we had to pick B up from school. He was so excited because he and Ryan were going on their Dove Hunt!!!

On Saturday Christie and Mims hung out with us all day it was great! We watched football games and the babies had a ball playing together. Mims took great naps here at her Aunt Bee's house, Christie couldn't believe it!!

I was talking to Christie about the Couch to 5K thing that a few blog friends are doing. It is an app for your phone and it supposedly helps get you ready for a 5K. She agreed to do it with me so we started that.....hope we can make it through. HA!!

The boys came home on Sunday and had a great hunt!!

The only problem was that they came home sick!

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