Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kolby's Baseball Game

On Monday we drove to Lufkin after school to watch Kolby play ball. He had been out for a few weeks due to a shoulder injury and was finally released to play again, and we were ready to watch him play!!

We got to the game a little early and we were watching them warm up, when the trainer comes to the stands to get PawPaw. We thought what is going on?? He came back to tell us that Kolby was out of the game!! While the boys were warming up, Kolby and a friend were playing around and Kolby somehow sprained his ankle really BAD!!!!! UGHHH!!!!!

I mean really?!?! I wanted to shoot him, ha!! We watched the game and they ended up winning!! Go PACK!!

The boys got to see both sets of grandparents and I got to eat Ray's....Yummy!! So it wasn't a total waste of the day!! HA!! Get well soon Kolby!!

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