Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Monday Mudday

Monday it was back to the grindstone, it was hard getting the boys up and going after our long weekend. We got some much needed rain on Monday, which meant one thing for the boys...MUD! After school Barrett couldn't wait to get out & play in it.

The boys had a blast & got just filthy!! Barrett came to the door at one point just beaming, asking me to come outside, he just had to tell me something! I went out and he explained that Jack could say three new words. Really, what?? He said "he can say NO, Ouch, and freak.WHAT?!? I explained that he already knew the words No & ouch, and freak although new to his vocabulary is NOT something I want either of them saying!! Ahhhh!!! Crazy boys!! I can only imagine why Jack was saying, "no & ouch!" HA!!

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