Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Lindale Baseball & Softball games

A few weeks ago Lindale High School Baseball and Softball season had the dedication of the new sports complex. The dealerships donated the new score boards for both of the fields, so we went to the dedications for both the softball and baseball games. The boys were excited to be at the games! (Sorry, blurry phone pics)
Sweet Jack! (you can't really tell but he has his baseball gloves in his back pockets) The child is literally obsessed with ALL things baseball. It is a struggle daily to get him to wear anything but baseball pants and cleats!!!
This is Ryan and Barrett as the were acknowledged on the field for the scoreboards. Barrett thought he was really something!
Longhorn and LoneStar were so proud to be a part of the new sports complex. It is so NICE!! I know all to soon it will be my boys playing on those fields!!

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