Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sweetheart Ball

Barrett's school has a Sweetheart Ball each year where the Boys take their Mom's and the Girls take their Dad's. Last night was our special date!!

Before the dance we met some friends at Chili's for dinner!

Ashley, Abram, Barrett & I arriving at the dance.

Having some cookies and Lemonade

These boys were just cracking me up!! They had been practicing all these dances at school! SO funny!!

YouTube Video

We had a great time and saw some pretty interesting outfits..haha!!!

Breakin' it down!!

I loved spending time with my sweet boy!! As we were leaving I threw him the keys and told him he had to drive his date home, he said " I can't, but I will!". Love my sweet boy!!

When we got home I found him doing some more dancing "Risky Business" style!!

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