Monday, January 3, 2011

Lazy Sunday

Yesterday was the last day of Christmas vacation....or so I thought! The entire day I was mentally preparing Barrett and myself, that Monday it was back to the real world. The boys played outside ALL day, taking full advantage of that last day.

It was cold that morning, Barrett was super excited to find this ice!

These two just live outside! It is such a blessing that they can entertain themselves out there!!
The only drawback being the numerous clothing changes and dirty shoes due to mud and dirt. HA!!

Jack thinks he can do EVERYTHING B does!! Not such a good thing.

While looking at FB yesterday evening a friend posted how her husband was telling her that there was no school Monday, it was inservice. I quickly checked the school calendar and whoops! I was wrong school starts back on Tuesday!! Love FB for that friendly tidbit. So today is our last day of vacay...we are enjoying it!!

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