Monday, January 10, 2011

New Years Eve 2010!!

Yeah so it's January 10th....just drop the zero and pretend it's the first, cause here is my NYE post!! HA!!

We usually spend New Year's at the beach, but since the parent's sold the beach house this summer, {BOO} we were here in Lindale. The Nance's invited us over to their house for a bonfire, food and fun!! The boys and I headed to get fireworks that afternoon, those people saw me coming from a mile away {easy, easy sell that is}!! We walked in and Barrett was going CRAZY... I want this, and that!! Needless to say we loaded UP on fireworks!!

Jeretta and the girls called and wanted B to go over and play before the party. Now, my SHY guy has never been to play at someones house without me being there. He love to have people over to OUR house to play, but going over to someone elses....not so much!! He was reluctant, but he went. He had a blast, I kept thinking he is going to call any second wanting to come home, but he didn't! He stayed all afternoon!! I was so proud!!

We loaded up our goodies and headed over to the Nance's house!! Barrett was so excited for the bonfire, he had seen it earlier when he was there and couldn't wait for it to get started.

My Prince and I!!

Jackers and Mommy!

Barrett ready to PARTY!!!

Barrett and Karah...Best Buds!!

Check that fire...It was huge!! So hot we couldn't even do smores!!!

We had so much fun with the fireworks and sparklers!! I couldn't take pictures because I was nervously chasing around my kids with their sticks of fire!!!!

My sweet husband put on a wonderful fire works show!!! It was a fun end to a great year!! Here's to a FAB 2011!!!!

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