Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Child Training?!?

Today at our Mom 2 Mom meeting we had a wonderful speaker who spoke about "Child Training". She has spoken to us before and we all enjoyed her and had so many questions, she was asked back.

The first time she spoke she recommended some books that she uses for child disapline. I wrote the books down that day and really agreed with her suggestions on how to disipline and "train" children. I got home and did who know what with my paper that had all her tips and book suggestions. I also got back into to old routines and the real world and forgot all about her wonderful tips. So when she came back today and shared more stories and examples on her experiences, I felt like she was speaking directlly to me. Don't get me wrong, my children are very well behaved...most of the time. Just hearing her talk about the things that children should and should be doing...AHH HAA!! Oh yeah, I really should be more CONSISTANT with my dispipline.

She had many great points about children, my favorite being, that sweet precious baby of yours is born a sinner. We all are, it is human nature. If you as a parent don't control your child, then they will be controlled by their sinful nature. WOW!! SO TRUE!! Please do not mistake me for the person who lets their children run wild, I do spank, give time outs, etc. Although I could sure use some help and pointers with some issues, we all could!!

Here are this books she recommended..............

I ordered them both on amazon and can't wait to get them!! Happy Child Training!!

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