Monday, June 15, 2009

Rodeo, Teething and Timeouts

The big boys spent most of their time at the rodeo this weekend, we sponsored another rodeo and they had to "supervise". Ryan tried to talk Jackaroo and I into coming, but Jack didn't care to much for the attire.

Barrett, however loves to go anywhere his Daddy goes. He really doesn't care for the rodeo either, but never misses a chance to go with his dad and eat cotton candy. Ryan made the mistake of telling Barrett that he was going to go, that morning. So all day Friday Barrett insisted on wearing his boots, jeans and belt until that evening. If I heard "when is Daddy coming home?" one more time, I was going to scream. I love the fact that Ryan loves to get him all excited about things and then leaves and goes to work. Leaving me with the joy of telling him, " Remember Barrett it's not until tonight!" I had to include a pic of my little cowboy, all dressed up!

In other news Jackaroo has two teeth on the bottom. I am hoping that is the cause for my seven almost eight month old still not sleeping through the night!! :( I thought this picture was so cute you can see both of the little teeth coming through!

Lastly, today Barrett unfortunately had to be sent to time out....again. So he was throwing excuses at me like "I can't go I need to potty, and No I'm tired!" I was not having any excuses today so, off to the laundry room he went for said time out. I usually turn the timer on for four minutes, but I was in the middle of nursing and told him I would call him when time was up. So about ten I mean five minutes go by and I yell that he can come out and I hear nothing. So I put the baby down and went to go check on him. I found the door still closed and when I opened it up.......

...... this is what I found! Oh yeah, just call me Super Mom. The poor child was tired, it wasn't an excuse. And in case your wondering if I left him there to sleep? I most certainly did not!!

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  1. Don't sweat it - we've all had those Super Mom moments.....and I would've left him there to sleep. If I move my kids they wake up and refuse going back to sleep.

  2. You sure have a handsome little cowboy on your hands! My son loves to wear his boots as well, unfortunately it's usually with his shorts HA!

  3. i'm cracking up! poor barrett is so mistreated.