Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Memorial Weekend at the Beach

Saturday May 26th our summer began!!  We loaded up for our annual Memorial weekend at the beach!!  The boys were so excited and ready to GO!!!!

Precious cousins!  Reunited and it feel so good!!

Saturday evening we had family pictures on the beach...we shall see how they turn out.  You know when you have four kiddos in the blaring sun, getting them to look and smile is highly unlikely!!  We are just hoping for ONE good one!! HA!!

Of course....waiting for a table for dinner the kids were all smiles!!  I know I am partial but...seriously we are so blessed, these kiddos are not only beautiful...but they are all such special angels!!!

Ok...this picture is hard to see, but they boys were getting the "spot" all set up on the beach and they did this with the kids ALL by themselves.  They posed them and wrote "Happy Birthday...Love, Mims, Millie, Barrett and Jack" Sunday was my Dad... Big B's bday!!


The seaweed was TERRIBLE, but...on the plus side Barrett was able to catch TONS of these little shrimp things.  They were ALL in the seaweed.  We are always amazed that the seaweed never fails to arrive on a busy or holiday weekend! It's crazy!!!!  We just ignored it as much as we could :)

Toes in the sand....drink in the hand!  I was heaven, can't wait to go back!

ICE CREAM truck...the kids go crazy when they hear that annoying music!!  They sure are cute...even messy and sticky!

Redneck Pool!!

One night we rode the ferry over to Galveston for dinner...this is the new "Pleasure Pier".  It just opened and was SUPER crowded!!  Looks like fun though, once the "new" wears off!

Ready to play!

Barrett's MONSTER hole.....my Dad actually drove right past the boys while they were playing in the hole.  You couldn't even see them it was so deep.

On our last couple of days the seaweed finally stopped coming in by the tons and the water was so nice!  The kids could get in without getting tangled in it. 

Jack was like, FINALLY!!!!!!

Hard day at the beach.....HA

My sweet boys!! Love them!

We had a FAB Memorial weekend at the beach....my bags are already packed to go back!!

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