Monday, June 4, 2012

Last Days of School

Thursday May 24th was Jack's last day of MDO for this year!  He was super excited because it was "water day"!  I made the little candy bags for his end of year treats....from pintrest, of course.  They are hard to see in this picture...but they say "See you later alligator, Have a cool summer".  I filled them with chewy sweet tarts.  
For the teacher gifts I did the 31 bags large utility tote and had them monogrammed.  I love these bags...they are great for everything!

Jackers all ready for water day!!
"Cowboy Jack" as his teachers call him....has grown up SO much this year!!  He had a hard time at the beginning of the year, but now he LOVES school!!  So proud of my little man!!
Friday May 25th was Barrett's last day of school...technically the last day for everyone else was May 30th.  Here's the deal...we always do Memorial weekend at the beach.  So...for me to drive home from the beach for a 1/2 day on Tuesday and a 1/2 day on Wednesday was just silly, so we had our last day on Friday!  Being homeroom Mom I was nervous about missing the party on Wednesday...but I organized things and got it all together and had a friend handle the party for me.  Thanks Kindi!!

So on Friday Barrett took his teacher her gift...the 31 tote bag and some scentsy bars.
I mean seriously it seems like we were just doing this for the first day of school!  Now he will be a 2nd grader!!  Slow down, for real!!!!!!!  Love this boy!

For his classroom friend treats....I did a beach ball and sunglasses.  The tag says "Hope you have a COOL summer. I had a ball with you this year!"
Barrett had such a wonderful 1st grade year!  Wonderful teacher, great friends, and a fabulous campus!  So thankful for a great year!!!

Friday evening the dealership was sponsoring a "Drive One for your School" event at the first ever Blue VS. White Lindale football game.  It is a Dodge event that we put on and for every person that test drove a car....we donated $20 to the Athletics Department at the High School.  Ryan had everything set up so great as usual.  The Dodge Rep. from headquarters said that we had the best setup he had ever seen and he couldn't wait to show the pictures to Detroit.  That is my awesome husband for ya!! (ps. not that you could tell from my pics...but it looked great!)

My sweet boys and I!
This is Ryan's newest is this trailer that he put logos on and rigged it all out with t.v.'s, and all kinds of bells and whistles.  We will bring this to the fall football games and show highlight of the season on the t.v.'s!  He loves this stuff!!!!
The event was a hit...we raised alot of money for the boys and had fun doing it!  I am so glad summer is FINALLY here!!!!!  YEA!!!

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