Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Saturday at the Lake

Last Saturday we spend a FUN day at the lake with family and friends.  Nana and Kolby came down to pick up Kolby's pontoon boat that had been getting some work done on it.  They spent the night with us on Friday and then we all headed to Lake Palestine on Saturday and the Sacrey's came to join us too! Barrett and Braden ready to hit the lake....

Jack and Nana..."On the Pontoon"!  I'm not sure if anyone reading out there likes country music...but my boys are OBSESSED with the Little Big Town song, "Pontoon".  They know every word...and they thought it was hilarious that they could sing their favorite song on an actual pontoon!! 

Kolby...taking his boat out for the first time.  He was SO excited!

Chelsey and I......ready to cruise on the lake.

The boys immediately wanted to tube.  Braden and Barrett on the outsides of the tube to wrangle the little boys Logan and Jack.  Such cuties!

Snack time for Jack and Logie.....

The big boys....loving life.

More tubing fun....these boys are unstoppable!  They would tube ALL day!!!

It was a beautiful day...luckily the rain stayed away!!  We had a LONG day on the lake, we didn't get off until 8pm.  WHEW!!  Chelsey and I made it somehow, HA!!  We ended the day with dinner at Unk's Shrimp Shack.  Such a GREAT day!!!

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