Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Fun Sunday

We had a great Sunday!  We started off the day at church...the boys had a great time at Sunday School.  

After church we had lunch with friends before heading out for a pool/lake day!  We went to HAWL to hang out with Chelsey and her boys at "the beach" in Hideaway.  

Jack was so surprised he found a seashell at the lake :)

Barrett and Braden...buddies!

Jack and Logan having some fun in the sun!

Snack time for the boys.......

I swear in every picture Jack's eyes are closed....sunglasses anyone. 

We had a great time swimming and splashing.  I tried to teach the boys how to play volleyball...not very successfully I might add.  The sun and water wore these boys OUT!! Jack was asleep as soon as we left!

Sweet B and I after a fun day with friends. 

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