Thursday, June 7, 2012

Lake weekend....again

Last weekend was another great weekend at the lake!  It has become quite the routine for us...the boys are loving it.  On Saturday we went to Lake Tyler and met some friends there.  It was our first time out on Lake Tyler and we liked it! 

Sweet B and I!

We found a neat island for the boys to explore on...Jack unfortunately missed it he fell usual! Barrett found this cool snapping turtle shell...he thought he was "Turtle Man", HA!!

When Jackers woke up, he was ready to DRIVE!

A full super mabel ready to tube!

Barrett and the older boys...Cole and Griffin.  He had such fun with them!  Ryan was really pulling them kind of crazy!  I thought Barrett was going to be scared...but NO, he LOVED it!! He giving us signals to turn and go faster, HA!!  He really felt grown up with the big kids:)  Cole told Ryan the was the best driver EVER!!!!! Such a fun day at the lake with friends!!

On Sunday we had a more low key lake day just our little family on our usual Lake Palestine.  The water was ROUGH!!!  We found a cove and the boys had fun swimming and jumping off the boat.  


Jack "trying" to cannonball!  It looks like Ryan was pushing him....promise he wasn't!!

We didn't end up staying to long because it was so rough and windy...but we enjoyed the time we had!

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