Monday, June 25, 2012

Our Week in Instagram

Last week was a great was our last week of scheduled activities of summer, thankfully!  Barrett started baseball camp on Monday. 

Ready to play!

Sweet friends on the first day of camp!!

On Tuesday after camp Kamden came over to play with us.  I took the boys to see Madagascar 3, which was really cute.  Later that day another friend, Abram came over and I had FOUR dirty little boys playing in the backyard.  Such fun!  Abram spent the night with us...we had an evening jeep ride, pizza, and fun times!

Abram and Barrett had "water day"on Wednesday at baseball camp to practice sliding.  

It was also the last day of baseball camp and since the boys were in their swimsuits we thought we would make a day of it.  So...we loaded up the boys and took them to Splash Kingdom.  Ashley and her boys, along with Christina and her two kiddos joined us for fun in the sun( who am I kidding) the HEAT!!

Abram, Barrett, Asher and Cason!

These two took awhile to warm up to each other...but pretty soon they were holding hands floating down the lazy river!  They were SO cute!!

Another fun day in the SUN with friends!!!  LOVING summer!!!

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