Saturday, June 2, 2012

Sunday at the Lake

On Sunday the 20th after the rodeo... we loaded up bright and early and headed to the lake!  We had a full boat with PawPaw, Kolby and Miranda and our family...but it was nice to have them with us!!

As soon as we got there the boys were ready to ride!!  Kolby and Miranda took the boys out for a ride. The tubing is a little more subdued when Jack is on board.  Not by his choice I might add, the kiddo is yelling "go faster" ALL THE TIME!!  He will SO give me grey hair!!!!  

Kolby and B jumped off the boat and swam to this island thing with these HUGE rocks.  Barrett was so amazed that he found seashells at the lake!

Jack pulled his usual...fell asleep on the we brought him aboard for a boat nap.

As we were leaving we ran into our friends the Nance family....Barrett jumped on their boat with Karah and Kinley to ride with them for awhile.  Sweet kiddos!!

It was a fun day in the sun!!!

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