Monday, May 24, 2010

Astros Game

On Sunday all my boys and I headed to Houston for our twin nephews birthday! We were all going to the Astros game! This was the boys first MLB game. I was a little worried about how Jack would do?!? Ryan's sister Dori, took the twins whole baseball team...CRAZY!!!

Here are the boys before we headed down to Houston. All decked out in Astros gear courtesy of Nana and PawPaw.

I am not gonna lie, with the seats we had I was a little scared! Since it was a birthday party we were a big group and up REALLY high! I was so nervous with Jack the whole time!!

We now have bats, necklaces, hats, balls...all things Astros and Overpriced!!

Kolby and Kayla
Barrett just had to ride next them on the way down...I'm pretty sure he wore his welcome out with them!! I know they were very thankful we MADE him ride with us on the way home!!

Astros Tatoo!!

Barrett and Breece

We had a great time, but my kiddos were worn out!! Jack didn't take a nap which didn't make for the best behavior at the ballpark, and we had a LONG drive home!! I was very glad we went, and what a great party for Braden and Bransen!!

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  1. Shoot me and email the next time ya'll go to a Stros game. We go to a lot of games and who knows we could end up at the same one. It looks like the boys had fun.