Friday, May 7, 2010

Kelly's Korner SYL...Baby Names

Over at Kelly's Korner blog it's another show us your life Friday! Today is baby names! I have never mentioned the significance of my boys names on the blog so here ya go!!


Barrett is my maiden name, I loved using it since my Dad only had girls and I wanted our name to carry on. Taylor B's middle name is the same as his Great Grandfather Papa Jack, Grandfather PawPaw, Dad, and Uncle Kolby.


Jack Ryan started out as a double name. I always wanted to have a child with a double name, I blame going to school at Ole Miss. Since I didn't have a girl and Jack was my last baby...we have Jack Ryan. I loved calling him Jack Ryan. Jack is for his Great Grandfather Papa Jack. Ryan is after my husband. Pretty soon after Jack Ryan was born, Barrett informed me that he wasn't calling him Jack Ryan he was going to call him "Jack". I also had a VERY strong fear that people would shorten Jack Ryan into...heaven forbid J.R. I just couldn't take that chance, no offense, I just personally don't like initial names.

That is the story behind our boys names, I love hearing about name significance and I love hearing all the cute names. Check out Kelly's blog for a ton of baby name fun!!

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  1. Found your blog from Kelly's Korner and the name Barrett caught my eye. I'm a nanny and a family that I do some work for on the weekends has a little boy named Barrett and he is the only one I had never known. It is a family name but forget where it comes from now.

    I'm not a fan of itital names either. Hope you have a great weekend.