Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday T-Ball

Looks like someone had a tough morning at the gym huh?............

It never fails every time we drive the Jeep, on the way home Jack falls asleep. Granted this picture was taken after we went to the gym...and it was his nap time. Seriously the Jeep is like a baby soother, it's fabulous! Not to mention the perfect summer vehicle.

Jack has been OBsessed with bats lately. Whenever Barrett plays t-ball Jack has to get his bat and do it too. He can put it on the tee and hit it off pretty well, so cute! The large tee and t-ball bat are a little much for him so yesterday I got him a toy version. He loves it!! He played with it ALL day, as you can see he forgoes the toy bat and found a bigger one but whatever!

Barrett got a card in the mail today, which he was very excited about. The card was from Big B and SuSu. They can't be at his Pre-K graduation, so they sent him a card. He loves these talking cards, you open it up and it says "You did GOOOOOoooood!" I finally had to take the card away after hearing it a thousand times!!

I made the best dinner yesterday...the PW's Pineapple Chicken Quesadillias. Oh my, they were DElish!! Please make them!!

Okay, I'm getting hungry
, so off to Zumba for me! Have a great Wednesday!!

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