Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Treacherous Tuesday!

Today we had quite the treacherous Tuesday! To start the day off I found Jack on the coffee table with his broom, throwing down my candles.

While in the laundry room I hear the sound of glass breaking, I run out to find Jack standing in "maker's mark" with broken glass surrounding him. Note to self he has figured out how to open the child proof cabinet things. Luckily he wasn't hurt! It took me all morning to get the smell of bourbon out of my kitchen!!

After that mess was cleaned up Jack and I had some lunch, he snuck off and I found him in my bathroom doing this...........

Oh Yes, toilet paper everywhere!!!

Really? It's only 11:30. This is going to be a long day!

Here is Barrett after school today...What is up with my children and tables today??

Jack was outside playing and managed to climb in the "baby stroller", that the girls from across the street brought over. He then fell through the back of the stroller!! HA!

I was finishing dinner up while B and Ryan were playing outside. Jack was hungry and hanging on my ankles, so I grabbed a bowl and put some in to cool. The doorbell rang and I ran to go get the door. While chatting with a neighbor I hear a crash, and shattering sound! I run to see what it is...it's my child that grabbed the very edge of the bowl and pulled it down off the counter. Hungry Much?!? Oh my it was just one thing after the other today! These boys, they keep me on my toes for sure!!

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