Friday, May 7, 2010

Hello my name is Kelly and I have a problem.......

Yes! We are still seems like I haven't posted in sooo long, but I have good reason. I have been abducted by my new ipad!!!! I love it....sorry for the neglect blog. Here is a brief recap of what we have been up to this past week.

We had a tball game on Tuesday that was our closest one yet to winning!!!! Woo Hoo! The boys did great!! The opposing team we played on Tuesday had these cute noise makers that the coaches (obviously women coaches) made. Jack wanted one really bad during the game, so I thought those look easy enough; I'll make some. What was I thinking?!?!

They are easy, but EXTREMELY messy to make!

Water bottles and colored rice....simple right??

I have rice ALL over my house! There are two main suspects in the rice spill...Barrett and Jack. Although, I have pinned most of the damage on one!

Here is the somewhat finished product, I think I'm going to tie a red ribbon on them also. I think hope the boys will have fun with them.

I know that this little man does!

Here is some of the aftermath...

Luckily, the manicure was scheduled for after this little project. All the nail ladies were conversing with each other, laughing. I explained to them the reason for black and red hands, and that I had tried everything to get it off. Alcohol, acetone, and soap and water. Nothing has worked so far! Ughhh!! The things we do for our kids!

In other fabulous news...Jack has finally quit screaming in the gym nursery!! Woo HOoo!!! I have figure out that a blanket and stuffed animal keep him soothed while I attend class. Just hope it lasts!! He conks out on the drive home. I have been driving a jeep with the top off and the boys love it!!

Sleepy jeep baby!

Hope everyone has a great Friday!!!

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