Monday, May 3, 2010

Weekend Wrap up!

Wow is it Monday already? Where did the weekend go? We had a busy sports filled weekend once again. Thursday and Friday night we had tball games. During the game on Thursday, DRAMA, Drama!! We lost an assistant coach and a player, so sad really....that people take tball this serious!

Friday my Mom, Dad and Grandmother...Nanny came to visit. Nanny cracks me up, Barrett was showing her his "train your dragon toys". He put on his hat, had his ax and all the dragons. Nanny said, "oh Barrett, what are you? Wait don't tell me he's a vicoden!" Nanny that's a viking! Ha Ha!!! Medicate much???? Love her!!!

Mary Michael and Jack had fun playing together all weekend Christie was at a baby shower in Dallas so, my parents were keeping Mims. On Saturday morning we had our last soccer game. The Falcons finished the season undefeated!! Great season boys!!

The boys and I spent the rest of the weekend playing outside enjoying the great weather!!

I watched the Derby...I LOVE the Kentucky Derby!!! I someday hope to go!! Jack found these old boots of Barrett's and he is now OBsessed with them!! HA HA!!

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