Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Rain? Is that you?

Yesterday we FINALLY got some rain! It seems like it hasn't rained in forever. It started raining while we were on our way home from Tyler. Barrett was about to bust a gut to get home to play outside in his "hot tub". Yes, my child has dug his own redneck hot tub in the back yard!! He loves to play in the rain and MUD!! Here he is showing me how deep it is, he claims that it is warm too but I'll just take his word on it! HA!

A few days ago my cousin Julie sent me an email about these "denim diapers" they are by Huggies. I thought they were hilarious and I just had to get some for fun!! So I found a box at Walmart, I really had to look for them. The lady that checked me out asked if there were alot left where I found them. I told her not really, she said they have been selling like crazy?!? Who knows why, but they are pretty funny!!

"Lord have Mercy, Jack has got his blue jeans on!" Sorry, I couldn't resist!

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