Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day Weekend

We had a great Mother's Day weekend! We started the weekend off with a Friday night tball game. Barrett was super excited because Kolby and Nana were coming from Lufkin to watch him play. Kolby brought his new girlfriend Kayla, she is so sweet!

The boys played a great game once again! After the game we all went to have dinner at Posado's, it was a late evening for the boys for sure!! Since it was such a late night I just knew the boys would sleep late on Saturday, but no such luck:(

On Saturday we headed to the ballpark again to watch a friends son play ball, the boys had a blast running around and playing in the sand. After the ballpark the boys were playing outside with Ryan. He called me out and said bring the camera. I went out to find this....

It's MUD people, don't worry!!

Saturday night poor Jack got sick, he had a terrible cough and was all clogged up. The poor thing couldn't breath or sleep. I had to hold him almost all night so that he could sleep. It wasn't the best start to my Mother's day, but I love any snuggle time with my boys.

Jack sporting his first "hawk" as B calls it!

Since I had been up all night with Jack my wonderful husband got the boys up on Sunday morning and let me sleep in. He kept the boys out as long as he could, they were very excited to give me my cards! I love ALL of my boys so much!!

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