Monday, May 17, 2010

Sunday Sundaes

We had a lazy Sunday around the house yesterday. We were still hosting company so the boys all played outside...thankfully:)!! Ryan's Mom and I worked on a poster for Kolby's athletic banquet this week. I so feel like yesterday that I was going to these things myself, although it has been awhile!

I am loving this time of year, it hasn't been to hot to stay outside...yet! I am also loving the fact that my flowers are blooming! Especially my hydrangeas!

I would love to have fresh flowers in my house ALL the time. Since that isn't an option I love it when I can grow my own to cut and enjoy inside the house.

We all took a Jeep ride to get the boys some ice cream and me a sonic diet coke, otherwise know as my crack!! Ha Ha!! Barrett insisted on feeding Jack ice cream on the drive home which made for one messy little boy!!

B-doodle took Jack and Lola on a wagon ride....they both seemed to really enjoy it!

Don't you love this expression, "Mom why are you taking pictures...again?"

It was a beautiful Sunday spent with the three boys that I adore!!

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