Monday, May 24, 2010

Pre-K Graduation!

On Thursday Barrett graduated from Pre-K! I can't believe Kindergarten is next!! He was so cute dressed in his little seersucker suit!!

Here is B and Sophia BFF!!!

Barrett, Hunter, and Sophia. These three have have been in the same class since they were babies!!

Barrett, Cullen and Grayson How cute!!

Barrett and Taegen! She is such a doll...B's teacher Mrs. Jennifer's daughter.

We had a dinner and then the kiddos sang a few songs for us. I'm pretty sure my child was the LOUDEST one up there! No clue where he would get that from?

Barrett got an award from Mrs. Jennifer for Most Helpful. We were very proud of him. I was afraid he was going to get the Most Talkative award, HA HA!!! We loved having Mrs. Jennifer for a teacher this year!!

Here is Barrett graduating with Mrs. Debi, our director. I LOVE Debi!! I will never forget when after his first day of class at 2 years old, when I called Debi and said "I can't make him go! We are not coming back." Debi called me and assured me he would be fine, it just takes time!! She is a wonderful Director, and friend!!

Now Debi will have to coax me through another breakdown with Jack!!

I am so proud of my little man! Now it's off to Kindergarten...soon, not yet!!

Here are the best graduate buddies! I hope we can show this to them at their high school graduation someday, and I hope they are just as great of friends!!!

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