Sunday, September 6, 2009

Girls weekend, plus one!!

Well, it's Hunting Season again....the good news is it's also football season!!! Hoddy Toddy!!!

And really, I love both. It's just with little one's I don't get to do much hunting, just football watching. I am watching Ole Miss play while blogging right now and they are is good!!

The big boys...Ryan, Barrett and Uncle Cragg went dove hunting in North Texas this weekend. So the girls...Christie, Mary Michael, and myself + one little man (jack) had a slumber party weekend!! On Thursday we went to Canton and did a little shopping, Friday Night went to our first Lindale football game, and the rest of the weekend we hung out with the kiddos at my house. We had a great time and I'm glad the girls were here to keep Jack and I company!

I can't wait until the boys get home, I'm sure Barrett will have plenty of stories to tell from the big dove hunt. More to come on that later!!

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