Friday, February 26, 2010

A Fun Friday

On Friday morning it was cold and rainy so we decided to go eat at Cracker Barrel in front of a cozy warm fire. Only they didn't have a fire on Friday, but we stayed for breakfast anyway! The weather put a damper, literally on my Canton plans. We hung out and played at our house after breakfast, and waited the arrival of SuSu. My parents had been in Mexico for a vacay. Dad stayed to play golf with some friends, but SuSu came home. She was coming to visit all the kiddos who missed her sooo much!

Barrett came out of his playroom and said "Mom I have to show you something, Look I'm ready to go hunting!" He had taken one of his old backpack and tried to make it like his Daddy's hunting pack that holds a gun. This child is truly obsessed with hunting!!!

We all decided go out to dinner Friday night at the Country Tavern in Kilgore. Oh my goodness, I am not a huge B.B.Q. fan. There ribs are just to yummy!!! We were just missing Big B!

These two loved sharing food together. We put a bunch of snacks in the middle and they race to see who can eat the most the quickest. They are so funny!

Barrett really enjoyed his rootbeer, he thought it was so neat that it was in a glass bottle. "Mom I am going to drink this one, and then get another one! The tooth fairy said it's okay if we brush our teeth after." Dental week at school.

We had a great time and everyone was full of yummy ribs!! Towards the end of the evening Barrett played some songs on the jukebox. There is a small area right in front of it and he and Jack were dancing to the songs he picked. Poor Mary Michael wanted to join in so bad, she was bouncing all around and clapping on Christie's legs!

We are so glad to have SuSu home! And we are anxiously awaiting Big B's arrival on Sunday!!

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