Saturday, February 13, 2010

Snow Day part 2!

When I woke up on Friday morning, I couldn't believe the snow! We had well over 7 inches, some people said 9 inches! It was so beautiful! I was anxiously awaiting the boys to wake up and see the winter wonderland.

I love the snow don't get me wrong, but I think Barrett changed clothes about 10 times!!! My laundry was crazy today!!!

The boys play scape.

This is the outside fireplace.

This child had a ball! He was freezing but he just couldn't make himself come in to get warm!!

This is our street, I was so pretty! The tire tracks would belong to my husband, who had to go up to the dealership to move snow so customers could get in. And believe it or not, he said there were people waiting to get oil changes when he arrived. Which I am thankful for, but usually weather like this keeps all of us East Texans off the road!

Here is my attempt at a snowman. Since Ryan was at the dealership I told Barrett I would help him build one. Let me tell you I was worn out! Making snowmen is a Daddy's job for sure!!!

I loved the way the snow looked, but I have decided I personally couldn't deal with it on a daily basis. My house was covered with wet paw prints and scattered with rubber boots and wet gloves.

My backyard! Crazy!!

What's a snow day without a SNOWBALL fight!!!!!

I read about snow icecream on another blog, I never though we would get the chance to make it.

Barrett wasn't really sure about it, he said "Mom this doesn't look like icecream." I thought it was pretty yummy!!

It was a great snowday! While saying his prayers Barrett said, "thank you God for sending me snow to play in." Oh just melt my snow, errr heart!!!

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  1. The snow looks beautiful there. We got about 3 inches here. Todd and I loved it! Your snowman cracks me up. haha.